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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


I am Liza Millan, a Global Event Leader, #1 International Best-Selling Author, and CEO & Executive Producer of the marketing and event agency MASTERPIECE.


At an early stage in my life, I knew that to be successful I had to learn from the best.  I worked for some of the Top Fortune 100-500 companies like Adobe, HP, Cisco, Yahoo, OATH, AOL, Google, to name a few.


I started my career as an Executive Assistant.  The company saw my potential and soon I joined the company's events team.  I began managing and producing marketing events globally.


I mastered the skills of organizing all the moving parts to be in place for an event. I learned to turn struggle into stepping stones to success.


Working with top executives allowed me to peek behind the curtain, establishing an understanding and guidance to problem-solving. There is no room for mistakes.


When something doesn't go as planned one must be prepared to pivot and hatch an alternative. This has been helpful when negotiating and coordinating with many diverse groups of people.


After spending more than 20 years planning and managing stellar events for some of the top Fortune 100 and 500 companies, I realized that I was ready to start my own events company.  I created Masterpiece in 2019.


My corporate experience contributed a lot to my entrepreneurial journey. The connections I made with the top suppliers in the industry have allowed me to offer the best services to my clients.


My work is not only enjoyed by my audience but recognized by events experts. MASTERPIECE was a Bronze Winner for the Virtual Events Category in the Eventex Global Awards 2021. 


Masterpiece is a platform I use to help entrepreneurs make an impact by getting their message across through event experiences.  We are committed to provide passion, creativity and organization for achieving epic events.

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Virtual Summit

You’ll learn how to:

✓ Launch your Virtual Summit
✓ Engage your Target Audience
✓ Avoid past mistakes with a proven system that works with event
✓ Grow your Audience Faster as you will be attracting hundreds of thousands of attendees
✓ Increase your Sales, and Build Brand Awareness
✓ Establish strong relationships with experts and influencers 

Finally! A Step-by-Step Guide To Starting And Launching Your Very Own Virtual Summit!

The Ultimate Book for Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Event & Meeting Planners, Product Creators, and Digital Marketers!



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